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Oh my feels~
Relationships gain identity from how outsiders define them
14th-Jan-2015 01:13 am - RELIGIOUS =/= GODLY [christianity, personal, religion]
I saw this post on tumblr. [cr: aargent]

  • me:*not religious*

  • me:oh my god

  • me:praise the lord

  • me:thank god

  • me:oh dear lord

  • me:jesus christ

  • me:good god

  • me:bless

And I'm like "this is so me back then". just how casually we utter the name of the Lord in vain. And it's saddening. Really.

God didn't ask us to be 'religious'; He asked us to be Godly/Holy because He is.
2nd-Aug-2014 12:20 am - INJUSTICE [jyj, rant]
So, we know that MWave had a poll about [Poll] Who Made the Sexiest Comeback of Summer?

And it was already CLOSED and obviously, JYJ WON [ALREADY]. So the next thing they should have done is ANNOUNCE the WINNER, right? No arguments can invalidate the results.

BUT, MWAVE decided to ACTIVATE the poll, AGAIN. LIKE SRSLY??? =_=

I have NOTHING AGAINST INFINITE WINNING THAT POLL [if it was not closed already].
I'm just so mad at this. Everything is NOT JUST FAIR!!! >_____<

So Cassies and BigEast, everybody who loves JYJ, please VOTE for JYJ to catch up with the poll. Go go go! WE CAN DO THIS!

credits from pics: pxahyoo
9th-May-2014 09:49 pm - SUMMER: Enchanted River :D [nature, personal, summer]
Sooo...we decided to go to the beach last week. So my brothers did their job: cleaning the car!

And then we stay the night in a lodge. XD

We went to this awesome-est[yes, I know this isn't the word] river I've ever seen!!

IDK how to rotate this one. fok!
so yea, this place is called Enchanted River. Located at Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines! ^_^

There are so many fish in there. Different kinds of fish and there are crabs also!
Gaaaaawwwwwwd! The water is sooooooooo cold. And sooooooo clear. It's kinda salty tho. mehehehe
There's a [yet] unexplored underground cave at the left side of this river. They didn't know how deep the river is under. Like...woaaaah~

So yeah.. :D
29th-Mar-2014 09:20 pm - PRIVATE MESSAGE [personal, rant]
I really don't know why I can't receive PMs.

what should I change from my setting?? Is it from privacy or notifications setting?

LOOK AT THIS! No matter how much I check on how to change it, I just can't. IDK how :((

I JUST---!
14th-Feb-2014 01:09 pm - COMPLAINTS [personal, rant]
Ok. sigh

I've been using my LJ for almost 2 years already and I....
damn it! :((

I wanna post smth that includes pictures but the pictures I have are too large that it wont fit.
It gets over the edge of my lay out. I AM SO DONE WITH THIS SHIT! FUCK! >_
My adventures 2 days before the concert. Part 2 will be the D-Day ^_^


Even before the concert was confirmed, I was already planning to go. My family doesn't even know. I reserved a concert ticket already even without the plane ticket first. tsk. wrong move.

A week before the concert, my mom caught me booking for flights to Manila [we're in Davao so wee ned to fly to Manila]. She asked me what am I doing. I said I'm going to the concert. She got mad at me. I cried and cried and convinced her that "I MUST GO. I NEED TO GO. I ALREADY HAVE A CONCERT TICKET!" And after all the drama, she helped me book my flight. But we didn't tell my dad and my brothers because "THIS is TOO MUCH" :((

end of flashback kekeke

November 1, 2013

6:40 am FLIGHT TO MANILA~ [i'm the one at the center. kkk]

Touch down Manila around 14 minutes past 9 in the morning! ^_^


One of our "facebook friend" [the blonde one] went and picked us up at the airport. We went to MOA and ate lunch. If it wasn't because of our baggage, we would have toured the mall. :((

The next 2 days became a blurr and irrelevant until the D-Day! WOOH~

November 2, 2013

We just had a Halloween party. LOL. Nothing relevant. I love my face make up tho XD

That's all for now.


Part 1


AUGUST 9, 2013 →→ BEST day of my fangirl life E.V.E.R!


There were rumors that they will be going to Tagum on that day. Since it's a Regular Holiday, there's no class. As early as 3 am in the morning, my friends were already outside the hotel to stalk. They called me to catch up on them but I was dead tired and I wasn't sure if my parents would allow me to go with them. When I woke up by 6 am, I pursued my mom to allow me. With all the pouting and sulking and stuffs, my parents FINALLY allowed me to go! Before I know it, I was already out there outside the hotel, at the Freedom Park to be precise. We watched the tinted vans come and go. We were all getting paranoid at each passing moment. We even rented a car just to stalk them. LOL.

Around 10 am, we were already tired from waiting so we decided to just call it a day. But before going home, we had taken a chance to try going inside the hotel carrying the letter of petition for a fanmeet. So me and my friend went inside the hotel. Seeing no single staff at the lobby, we went to the CR to call our friends outside relaying our bad news. After getting out of the CR, my friend met a FRIEND, that happens to be one of the STAFF of the movie. They talked and he gave us some hints about their schedule. Then we saw another friend too. She's wearing a dress and ordered something at the cafe lobby. Trying to look discrete. So it gave us an idea for the hotel staff to let us enter later.

Once outside, we immediately discussed that the filming at Tagum was CANCELLED due to the presence of fans inside the venue. So we discussed our plans for that day:

A. go home and get back later [to eat, take a bath and be more presentable XD]

B. after getting back, CHECK IN at the hotel

C. go the filming at Tagum the day after


We went according to plan A first. Since our house is too far, I went with one of my friends. We agreed to meet ASAP. I don't know how ASAP ASAP  is for them. And so....we went back 2 hours later. Almost 2pm in the afternoon. Much to our dismay that they already started filming and that they CLOSED the passage way so that noone can enter or go out. We were so devastitated that we cannot enter. Apparently, one of us was wearing a dress so we formulated a plan. Here it goes:

She is the head of JS Entertainment w/ her cousin acting as her secretary AND we're going to have a "MEETING"  at the lobby.


One by one we entered the hotel. Those gurads were so damn STRICT! Damn it! So I called my mom, having a one-sided conversation with her. I made sure the guard would hear what I was saying. I was like:

"Mom, I'm here already. Aren't you gonna pick me up?? -huh? -but whyy?? So you're gonna leave me here?"

After minutes of it, the guard finally let us in. And so, the real stalking begins.




Part 1 http://believeinred.livejournal.com/1571.html


So this is part 2, where we were already inside the lobby of the hotel.


After getting inside the hotel, as part of the plan, we shake hands and kissed each others cheeks [in a way of formality]. I oredered Japanese Green Tea which costs Php120.00 (UGH!! I CAN JUST DRINK THIS TEA WHENEVER I WANT IT BUT..YEAH. fOR THE SAKE OF STALKING).

We kept our eyes glued to the elevator and stairs area. Thinking that maybe they would pass by there.

After a couple of hours of patiently waiting, they finally emerged! GROUP OF KOREANS! I don't know who is who and which is which. As far as I know, there is no sign of SEO IN GUK and LEE JONGSUK. >_<


Then the night came. We were already losing hope and almost decided to head home. We decided to wait for just another 5. more. agonizing. minutes. and POOF! SEO IN GUK went out of the elevator wearing a swimwear and just a fucking TOWEL AROUND HIS HIPS and wearing slippers!!! OMYGOD! IMAGINE IT! Wet look of Seo In Guk! hngggg

He looked so grouchy while walking past by us. And he's pouting! Or was it his natural lips? He really has a small face and he's not as white as I imagined him to be. And not that tall too. His firm butt is clear because of the towel. kekekeke. And his legs are HAIRLESS!

I guess he was too tired from the filming.

I tried to take a picture but the manager is so STRICT! Taking pictures of the main casts is strictly prohibited! But I managed to snap a blurry picture while they were waiting for the elevator.

They happened to pass by us 3 times!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! After it, we didn't see him again. I guess he already took a rest since they have a filming early in the morning.

So...because we were like from Cloud 9 for a few minutes. It was already minutes after they were gone that it sinked in that we just saw him! OH MY GOD! WE SAW HIM!!! We were squealing inside and tears flowed out of our eyes. Really. WE WERE THAT HAPPY.

After it, we saw the supporting casts just passing to and fro at the lobby. GAAAAAAAAAHHHH~

Then I spotted SHIN MIN CHUL oppa!! So I managed to gather up my courage and went to him and blocked him and said

"Oppa, sajin jeom jjigeodo dwaeyo?"  and he said "Nae" then smiled at me so we took a picture!


After it, they went back upstairs. Since it was already late at night and I still have class the day after, we went home already with a big idiotic grin on our faces. :D




Damn it!! So here it goes...
Someone from Department of Tourism [DOT] posted something about the arrival of the casts of the Korean movie "No Breathing" here in Davao. And we [Dabawenyos], were like "OMG!! THEY'RE COMING HERE IN DAVAO!! NOT JUST IN THE PHILIPPINES GUYS, BUT ACTUALLY HERE IN DAVAO!! NOT MANILA!" We were ecstatic about it. There were some rumors about their arrival date...August 5, 2013.

STALKING101 Day 1:
As early as 3 PM, August 5, 2013, my friends were already at the airport. Too bad I still had class until 7:30 in the evening. After I got out from class, I went there. I arrived almost 8 pm already. We were only 8 fangirls out there. LOL. They said they'll be arriving by 9 so we waited for EVERY. SINGLE. PAL. that landed here in Davao. But no luck until 11 PM, they didn't arrive. The police/guard told us that we can get a "slip on pass" (or was it "stick on/in pass") for us to get inside the airport. But they'll only release it during office hour. After we decided that we'll be coming again tomorrow [which is today], we went home.

STALKING101 Day 2:
August 6, 2013. CONFIRMED! The casts will arrive today. YAY! But....I STILL HAD CLASS TIL 7:30 PM but I have a loooooooong break from 12 nn to 4:30 in the afternoon. 'Sources' said they'll arrive probably 1 pm, 3pm, or 5pm. I hoped it would be by 3PM so that I can get to see them. After lunch, I went to the airport immediately. With all my uniform and stuffs and high heels. UGH. Life of a college student =_=

Well anyways, when I got there, there were a few fangirls there aside from us. After a few minutes, our population grew. They brought BANNERS, PLACARDS, IPADS and such stuffs. It was only 3PM and they were already chanting "KWON YURI! KWON YURI!" in front of the arrival area. SERIOUSLY. There was no plane landed, yet they were chanting that. UGH. UNCIVILIZED PEOPLE. I think we were the only 'civilized' fangirls out there. We just sat there and waited patiently. We isolated ourselves from them. HAHAHAHAHA. We have our banners ready. I even made a banner that says "Jongsuk oppa, sarangahe~ ♥ Let's get married!" It's not that I don't like Seo In Guk but my friends already made banners for him, so I thought it would be unfair if there's none for Jong Suk oppa. :">

So yeah...I had class by 4:30PM. And to think that airport is far away from school and it's already 3:50PM, I had to go. THE SADDEST PART IS:

The moment I got back to school from the airport was the time they also arrived.

It HURTS...SO MUCH. FUCK MY LIFE!! I just cried body fluids out when I called my friends.

[A/N: This is NOT mine. I'm just posting it here. Credits to the rightful Cassie who wrote it. This was written around last year I guess.]

At first, I was really upset due to the fact that HoMin didn't join the other 3 in the lawsuit. If they joined wouldn't DBSK still be together? If they joined they would be all happy coz they can be together. If they joined, we as fans won't have to worry our brains out whether they will disband or not. IF IF IF...... Seriously, I think after half a year of pulling my hair out, crying until my eyes hurt, getting moody for no reason because I was always worrying about DBSK, I finally woke up from my narrow minded IFS. Well what IF there is a reason behind HoMin's decision? What IF HoMin stayed for DBSK's future in the long run? What IF there are things they can't tell us at the moment? I went back to watch their clips, interviews, shows again and realised how foolish I was. You know, sometimes you'll think that it's impossible to fool yourself but it turns out to be easiest thing of all!!!

Let's trace our mind back to the time when DBSK told us to not trust everything we hear but only trust what comes from their mouths. They said that there are things which they can't tell us now. The only things I've heard from their mouths are "let's wait" "keep the faith", etc Now after blabbing on for so long, I shall just get into the details.


When I calmed down I also began to think: Why is it Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun who stood up against SME, why not Yunho and Changmin?

Many people have said that it's coz of the cosmetic business, it's coz the other two are happy with the contract, but everyone...sit down and think long and hard. Did the thought that it might be their plan from the start come across anyone's mind???

1) I've checked other people's journals, websites and forums and came up with a basic "strength"distribution analysis so please don't hit me if you don't agree completely...^^"


Strength- Compared to others, his dancing is superb. Once in an interview for Mirotic dance moves, interviewer asked "who's the best dancer?" Everyone in the group instantly pointed to Yunho XD 

Weakness- Compared to others, his singing probably needs the most improvement.


Strength- Beautiful and powerful vocal range especially for reaching high notes.

Weakness- Dancing compared to others and some other overall aspects need to be improved.


Strength- He's basically the composer of the group. Powerful musicianship in composing.

Weakness- Singing and dancing is "Ok"


Singing is WOW...awesome "rainbow voice" dancing is alright


Pro at both singing and dancing!!!

By Looking at these strengths and weaknesses of each member, we can conclude that it would be a little difficult for SME to produce a powerful independent group just out of HoMin. Whereas, on JYJ's side, it would be more possible for the trio to stand up alone. Thus, the strength distribution can be said to be planned out quite well XD.

2) Why is it Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun who stood out? 

The 3 are involved with the cosmetic business where as HoMin aren't. Thus, it would make more sense as the cosmetic incident gives them more of an excuse instead of HoMin who aren't involved. Also, If the trio succeeded in the lawsuit case against SME, it would be easier to help HoMin out but if they don't succeed, because the remaining 2 members are in SME still, SME wouldn't do anything drastic to harm DBSK's existence.

3) Yunho is the leader of DBSK. For him to step out, there would be a stronger impact, a stronger call or appeal. Therefore, he can't easily just make any move because if they succeeded then it would be great, but if theyfailed, the first person SME would aim an attack on would be Yunho. If Yunho collapses, the continuation of DBSK would be at risk. He is basically the pole of DBSK so he needs to calculate his every move carefully. So after discussing this, all 5 members probaby agree that it's not a good idea for Yunho to step out. As everyone already know, Changmin is the youngest and they all said before that they don't want to hurt him the most. In order to protect Changmin, the safest bet would be to leave him with Yunho. Thus, it explains why Yunho and Changmin remained.

4) So many people are complaining that SME is focusing all their energy on destroying JYJ rather than paying attention to HoMin. HRMMMMM I wonder WHY???? Judging from SME's money greed, we would expect them to use HoMin instantly to fill up the spots of the other 3 and earn the money. Until now, Changmin is involved in one drama, Yunho is involved in a musical. Apart from that they aren't making grand concerts, comebacks? why aren't they as busy compared to JYJ?They still have time to play basketball, go see concerts? It seems that they don't have as many promotions....isn't it strange? One explanation would be that SME can't fully trust in HoMin. Why? because HoMin's relationship with JYJ has not changed and SME knows that although HoMin are under SME, their hearts are with JYJ.

5) Why does JYJ hold concerts such as the Thanksgiving in Tokyo Dome and try to expand overseas to America and such? You can say that they need money, but more importantly SME aren't supporting them anymore. Their initial apartment, food, cars have been confiscated. Are they going to just wait until the lawsuit's over to perform. By then, their name would probably have gradually faded and replaced by a new wave of band and artists. Also, they want to tell us fans that they are still fighting. They are trying their best and they can reach fame WITHOUT SME. This is all to comfort us. HoMin can't do this because 1) they probably don't want to promote SME and cause competition with JYJ 2) Under SME, they can't do whatever they want because they don't have the amount of freedom as JYJ. They can't cause big comotion because right now, SME's attitude towards HoMin is one of distrust which is proven by the lack of activities. This means, that the 5 are still together at heart!

The money bit is also important. Notice that JYJ not only earns money from these albums and concerts, but also demanded compensation from SME. The money is important for the future of DBSK. If by a certain time HoMin also leaves, DBSK would have to be stable financially. Look at the example of Shinwha. Eric was rich so he could buy his group out of SME. What about DBSK? They have to start from scratch. In order to stand up alone and independently, the trio must be able to have funds. If they aren't stable, SME will attack them any time.

6) Why hasn't SME striken the last blow yet? I always have this uneasy feeling that underneath all this, they have a bigger plan.

Simple. They are "cooking" us through time. SME is waiting for Cassie to become impatient, to start splitting and dividing between JYJ and HoMin. They are waiting for us to start cursing and fighting each other, creating choas. Be mindful, the first person to strike is the loser. So for our DBSK, we have to be patient and wait. I know it's hard to stay patient coz I'm an impatient person but we have to try and avoid SME's trap...It could be said that once we collapse, the hope for the 5 members will be gone.

DBSK's hope lies in their talent + support from fans. SME's money source doesn't come from DBSK but from US!!!

7) Why did Yunho mention Yoochun in Goong's conference? "I heard that Yoochun had been successful in his drama. I want to be successful like him" I didn't understand at the start. Why all of a sudden? he could have just said that he wanted to be successful so why go to all the trouble to mention Yoochun specifically. This is actually very clever of our leader Yunho XD Yunho always thinks before he says something so he isn't the type of person who would say something without any intention or thoughts. This is the only opportunity for him to mention the trio without getting into trouble by SME who forbids any contact between JYJ and HoMIn. He wants to tell us that their relationship is fine and for us to not worry. But he can't say it specifically because he would be in real trouble. So he took this opportunity which wouldn't cause suspicion from SME to hint to us and hoping that we would get his suggestion.

8) Yunho and Changmin still introduces themselves as DBSK's members. They want to tell us that DBSK still exists and they are there to keep it alive. This is the best they can do, if they say or do anymore then SME would become suspicious. Everyone must have noticed how little HoMin have stated about the lawsuit issue. Even when SME published that document in their name accusing the other 3 they didn't say anything. If they really did write those harsh comments, why weren't they present when SME published it at the conference?? The signatures were totally different from their normal ones (Yunho's signature had a star?? and Changmin signed in Chinese???) I mean seriously, it's either that SME forged their signatures or Yunho and Changmin were forced to sign those papers. The other 3 didn't say anything about this issue either because they're smart enough to figure out that those typed up papers are FAKE = =" Under SME, HoMin can't have any personal attachement so it explains their coldness and silence. JYJ formed this name coz they aren't allowed to use DBSK as it would cause even more trouble from SME so they created a "UNIT" NOT " a "group"

Think about it guys, would all the years together be wiped out by money or lies? The 5 members are stronger than we think so we should worry about ourselves. We don't need to be scared about SME. Why do you think SME are so desparate to get JYJ back and scared of their rising fame? It's because if they don't have DBSK, their income would drop by 40-60% Essentially, a certain amount of control lies in our hands. Lastly, who buys DBSK's album, goes to their concert, supports them, makes them popular? it's USSSSS. To put it bluntly, if no one supported DBSK, they wouldn't be popular right? Therefore, DBSK's future does not base on SME's decision but our decision. SME's existence is based on us, if we don't buy their products, how do they get the money?

All 5 members want us to wait, they said they don't want to disband, they said they want to stay together so why can't we stay together and believe them for once?? "Keep the faith" is the tattoo on Jaejoong and Yoosu's bodies but we don't need those tattoos coz we can carve it into our hearts. CASSIE FIGHTING!!!!

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